Forex Income Map Review – Does Piet Swart’s Program Work?

by admin on May 23, 2012

A Farmer who can Show you the Way to FOREX Trading Success? You’ve Gotta be Kidding, Right?

Oh no! Not another FOREX trading system that’s “guaranteed” to make you rich (we’re groaning with you, don’t worry). But when we saw who had created forex income map review 198x300 Forex Income Map Review   Does Piet Swarts Program Work?this one – the legendary Piet Swart – we knew that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review it. Because, let’s face it, Mr. Swart really does know his stuff (even if he did used to be a farmer).

So, trying to put our cynicism to one side, we dug deep into FOREX Income Map. Read on to find out exactly what we found.

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What do you get for your money?

Okay, so it’s true that in regular circumstances, if you want to take advantage of Piet’s expertise it’ll usually cost you in the region of $500 per hour. This is a guy who makes his living both trading FOREX and teaching others how to do so. But forget that, because the real genius behind the guy is his ability to create simple systems that allow you to trade with as low a risk as possible.

This is no FOREX robot system – FOREX Income Map is a sustained business plan that helps you easily set long term goals, teaches you to accept that there will be losses along the way but also how to keep these to a minimum with the correct risk management, and to genuinely understand how to make real money trading FOREX.

* Genuine Educational Product – mailed directly to your door. This is no cheap and glitzy download, this is real, physical educational provided to you in a variety of formats. It includes everything that Piet has learned over the years, as well as systems that he’s devised, tweaked and tested until they are honed to perfection.

* DVDs, Training Manual and a Private Membership Area – 4 training DVDs accompanied by the training manual make up the crux of the program. This is further enhanced by the private members area on the internet.

* Ongoing Advice – this includes live webinars, video training and Q&A sessions and 24/7 customer support.

* Trade Predator Tools – including the Trade Predator Indicator, Trade Predator Instructions and all the information you need to fully understand these invaluable tools.

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Who is it for?

The great thing about FOREX Income Map is that it’s suitable for all level of traders. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to FOREX, been playing at it for a few months or years, or you’re even a full time trader. Some of the top names in FOREX have reviewed and given their opinions on FOREX Income Map – including Toshko Raychev (three time world trading finalist) and Mark McRae (one of the most respected names in the trading world), and given this baby their seal of approval. After all, there’s gotta be a reason Piet can charge $500 per hour for his training expertise…

Who is Piet Swart?

Piet Swart is a full time FOREX Trader and FOREX advisor. Originally a farmer, he gave up the plough to become a school teacher. Until, that is, he discovered FOREX. Like sopiet swart Forex Income Map Review   Does Piet Swarts Program Work? many, it was a case of once he realized the potential earnings possible, he became hooked. He gave up his teaching career and dedicated his life to learning how to successfully trade. Soon noticed by his fellow traders, they were keen to learn his methods. It didn’t take long before his name and FOREX trading systems became the worst kept secret around – and Piet began to spend additional time as a FOREX advisor – becoming as well-known for his educational gift as well as his success in trading.

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The Pros

* FOREX Income Map is easy to follow and understand. It’s a complete trading system, without any of the bull**** that so commonly accompanies these hyped up trading programs.

* It comes with a 100%, no quibble money back guarantee (always a good sign)

* There’s no crazy promises with FOREX Income Map – just clear, concise education that will teach you exactly how to put a long term business plan in place to genuinely make money from trading FOREX. Not only that, but Piet teaches you the little understood skill of risk management – because, and this is the truth, any trader has to absorb losses along the way. But it’s keeping those losses as low as possible, minimizing the risk involved and accepting that this is the name of the game that is the different between winning and losing when trading FOREX.

* You have a full time customer support to answer any questions you might have. This, along with ongoing training with webinars and the systems explained with the DVDs and manual itself make the program invaluable for anyone who’s serious about trading FOREX.

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The Cons

* Okay, so no system is infallible. But what makes FOREX Income Map different from the rest is that Piet Swart actually admits this. In fact, one of the first things the guy will tell you is that only a measly 5% of FOREX traders ever make any money. That’s pretty bad odds! But his aim is to show more people how to join that illustrious 5% – and even help raise that number.

* FOREX trading is addictive! And even more so when you start to get some return on your trades. Be prepared to want to give up your day job when you start to see your income swell.

The Bottom Line

Well, Piet’s certainly blown our cynicism out of the water – because this is probably one of the most valuable FOREX trading educational systems that we’ve seen in recent years. If you like your information given to you in a no-crap, no nonsense kind of way – simply full of what you need to know without any of the fluff – then you’re going to love FOREX Income Map. And with the money back guarantee there’s absolutely no risk involved by trying this baby out. And if you’re the kind of person who likes to odd flutter (obviously you are…), then those are going to be the kind of odds you like.

Farmer turned school teacher turned FOREX trader. Who’d have thought it? But we have to admit that there must have been something in all those farmyard odors that taught Piet a few things whilst growing out. Because, in a nutshell – FOREX Income Map is simply awesome…

forex income map course 290x300 Forex Income Map Review   Does Piet Swarts Program Work?

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